Stake your Cryptocurrency: HODL and Earn Compounding Interest, a Guide to the Best Interest Rates

Staking cryptocurrency is a reliable action to take when you plan on HODLing for the long term, it allows you to sit back and forget about your assets. For the time that the digital currency sits in the staking pool the currency hopefully grows in intrinsic value and also earns interest over the year, often compounding and further catapulting your staking savings.

Many exchanges offer staking, some offering a wider range of options in staking usually within a range of percentage yeilds. Therefore, it is preferable to choose the exchange that offers you the highest rate of yeilds for your stake.

Below are the lists of staking options each of the four platforms offer and their respective percentage yeilds. Further down below the lists, I compare the similar coin stakings for each exchange; allowing the comparison to show which exchange is preferable for the highest staking and the best long term compounding option.

In general and as expected the fewest staking options are apparent on Coinbase, which usually offers/lists coins which have taken the best hold in the cryptocurrency realm.

Kucoin offers the largest selection and usually the best yeild of staked coins, refer to the comparison list at the end though, because some exchanges make up for the lower selection with higher stake yields for XTZ (Tezos), ALGO(Algorand) and KSM (Kusama)

(The comparison yeilds at the bottom are meant to be viewed on a large screen/computer, the formatting of the grid is jumbled on smaller/phone screens)

ATOM (Cosmos): 5%
XTZ (Tezos): 4.63%
DAI : 2%
USDC (USD Coin): 0.15%

QTUM : 1%–2%
EOS: 0.5%–1%
ONE(Harmony): 2%–3%
VET(VeChain): 1%–3%
XTZ (Tezos): 6%–7%
ATOM (Cosmos): 6%–9%
ALGO (Algorand): 8%–12%

HYDRA: 170%–180%
OLT (OneLedger): 20%–25%
USDN (Neutrino): 8%–15%
ONE (Harmony): 8%–12%
ATOM (Cosmos): 6%–8%
KSM (Kusama): 6%–8%
DOT (Polkadot): 5%–14%
WAVES: 4%–7%
TRX (TRON): 3%–7%
LUNA (Terra): 3%–5%
XTZ (Tezos): 2%–6%
ADA (Cardano): 1.5%–8%
EOS: 1%–3%
ZIL (Zilliqa): 1%–10%
ALGO (Algorand): 5%–7%
LOOM (Loom Network): 5%–7%
VSYS ( 5%–7%
NULS : 3%–5%
IOST: 2%-4%
WAN (Wanchain): 2%–4%
IOTX (IoTeX): 2%–4%
AION: 1%–3%
LOKI: 1%–3%
QTUM: 1%–5%
NRG (Energi): 0.2%-1.5%
NEBL (Neblio): 4%–6%
EOSC (EOS Force): 4%–6%
PIVX : 4%–8%
ENQ (Enecuum): 4%-9%
ELA (Elastos): 3%–5%
TOMO (TomoChain): 2%–6%
DCR (Decred): 2%–4%
WEST (Waves Enterprise): 1%–4%
ONION (DeepOnion): 0.3%-0.6%

DOT (Polkadot): 12%
KSM (Kusama): 12%
KAVA ( 4.5%
FLOW : 9%
ETH (Ethereum): 5–17%
ATOM (Cosmos): 7%
XTZ (Tezos): 5.5%
BTC (Bitcoin): 0.25%
EURO: 1.5%
USD: 2%

The Best Staking Options in the Overlap:

— — — Coinbase — —— Binance — —— KuCoin — — Kraken

ATOM ~~5%~~~~~~6%–9%~~~~~6%–8%~~~~7%

XTZ~~~4.63%~~~~~6%–7%~~~~~2%–6% ~~~5.5%


ONE ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~2%–3%~~~~~8%–12% ~ ~~~~

ALGO ~ ~~~~~~ ~~8%–12% ~~~~~5%–7%~~~~~~

KSM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6%–8%~~~~12%

DOT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5%–14% ~~~12%

We rely on affiliate marketing to help fund our research and continue to bring reliable and thorough content on cryptocurrency. Through purchasing items or services a small amount will be paid to us, but this does not affect the price of products or services.

Information posted is strictly educational, we are not financial advisors and do not post financial advise.



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