Crypto Wallets: What are my choices and what can I store?

Bitcoin wallet holding a payment card

What are the options when it comes to cold storage cryptocurrency wallets?


As the first cryptocurrency hardware wallet company, they know their stuff! Practically the origin of cold storage and in fact their source code is the base for almost a dozen other cold storage platforms. It’s safe to say they are the bar setter for security standards.


Supporting around 1,550 coins and tokens with all the major and minor players in the crypto space. Ledger has also been around for quite some time (relatively speaking to how long crypto emerged).


Quite new in the scene is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet called KeepKey, but ShapeShift (the founder company) is no stranger the wide range of crypto. Shapeshift originally started as a crypto-to-crypto exchange so they undoubtedly have more in store for their hardware. Currently only supporting 40 coins but at a comfortable price for someone. A very solid first hardware wallet choice for the beginner who only wants to table in the top 100 cap coins.


This relatively new option seems to come out swinging! Carrying access to over 7,000 coins and tokens including all major blockchains it’s safe to say this may be the most cryptocurrencies offered for a cold storage hardware. At a reasonable price this could be the wallet to choice as a beginner. It also allows access to your wallet on your phone with its app.

Secure your new cryptocurrency assets

As the crypto space begins to grow, many new products will appear. Without a doubt giving the top wallets a run for their money and offering newer incentives. Leading all who are in the market to expand, offering more coins and higher security.



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